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          Taylor High School's Thespian Troupe 311 is a diverse group of high school actors and technicians with members inducted as early as the end of freshman year and as late as the end of senior year.  Governed by guidelines set by the International Thespian Society, Troupe 311's members work toward excellence in all Taylor PlayMakers productions and community activities.  After a year of hard work and earning at least ten points, a "class" of incoming Thespians is inducted into the society.  Pledging the following, all Thespians are dedicated to "nothing but excellence" in and out of theatre:


          "I promise to uphold the aims and ideals of the International Thespian Society. I am a student of theatre and excellence is my ideal. I promise to perform my part as well as I can, to accept praise and criticism with grace, to cooperate with my fellow Thespians and work for the good of the troupe, and to share my love of theatre."


          For over 30 years, Taylor Thespians have lived by the Society's motto: 

 "Act well your part, there all your honor lies."

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